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RIS Systems

Industrial Automation & Automotive Solutions

Automated Testing

RIS Systems provides comprehensive automated testing and measurement system development services.

This includes designing the supporting systems for power distribution, data acquisition and communications. We develop test systems for both, in-line & end-of-line, testing and measurement of components and products. Among others, we offer Breakout Boxes and Bench Testers, Hardware-in-Loop Based Testers, In-Vehicle Function and Feature Validation Testers.

Results of testing and quality inspection machines are provided to ERP (cloud) systems.

Test and Measurement Automation Services we Offer

Testing requirements analysis

Hardware and software design

Development of testing solution specifications

Test system implementation and maintenance

Integration with other production and business systems



Areas we Cover

In-line testing

End-of-line testing

Automated quality control

Certification testing

Automotive industry – vehicle testing

Manufacturing & Assembly Industry

Laboratory quality testing



Benefits of Automated Testing



When a testing process is automated, it allows for more manual work time to focus on improving performance rather than finding the problems or issues.


An automated testing process is completed more quickly than a manual process, reducing the test cycle.


With a manual process there are always slight variations that can produce wavering results. A manual process is more error prone.


A standardized test can be reused again and again regardless of location, and the manufacturing process can be transferred anywhere.

Improved ROI

Hhigher Return on Investment due to lower cost of the automation tool compared to the costs associated manual testing process over that same time period.


When a testing process is automated, it allows for quicker access to data that is often available to auditors in real time. Because each test is exactly the same, it minimizes the risk that the process will be out of compliance.

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