VID: Detection of errors in cable text printing

In one of our successful collaborations, we used VID for detection of possible errors in a process of on cable text printing at Miviko Cables cable factory.

An important step in cable manufacturing process is the final phase when required texts and labels such as cable model, voltage, production date and time etc. are printed on the cables.

A frequent problem during this process is that the printed text is incorrect. The error can be a result of:

  • machine operator entering the incorrect model text
  • printer head being jammed and so unable to print the text
  • printer head being dirty and therefore printing muddled or illegible text
  • printer missing ink
  • printer using inappropriate or low-quality ink

Typically, a significant number or deficient cables are manufactured before the machine operator detects the error and its cause.

This results in a costly and time-consuming setback as it is necessary to restart the process from scratch, while a notable number of produced cables are wasted and cannot be used.

RIS Systems solution:

To solve the problems with text labels on cables, we installed VID as an end of line quality inspection system for printed text checking. Thanks to detection flexibilities of VID, printing error is recognized even in cases that reading the text was not so straightforward.
System can perform on cable text check in production speed range from 0-340 m/min.

Pictures of detected errors with explanations:

Text OK – all OK

Printer head being dirty and therefore printing muddled

Printer head was skewed, not at a right angle to the cable, causing uneven ink application

The operator has input wrong cable mark

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