VKK: Visual

quality control

VKK is comprehensive machine vision software that can respond to all automated quality control needs.

VKK’s flexible architecture with graphical programming language makes it an easy-to-install and user-friendly solution that can be adapted to both simple and complex inline quality inspection requirements.


VKK inspection package capabilities:

Object dimension measuring

• Length

• Width

• Radius

• Angle

Object properties detection

• Absence/presence

• Damage detection

• Shape

• Curvature

This tool has been developed in cooperation with our customer EGO for their automated quality control needs in assembly production. EGO has more than 100 installations in its factories in Croatia, Turkey, and China.

VKK Distinguished Features – simple and easy

  • Besides simple installation, VKK is also an easy-to-use software package.

Simple GUI designs make the software suitable for use of factory operators without special skillsets. All inspection results data can be easily visualized and controlled in the main software window. The overall result of the check (pass/fail) is also represented by colored icons.

    Use of this software does not require advanced programming skills. Thanks to graphical programming, inspection algorithms can be easily defined using drag and drop of built-in objects and elements. Each graphic element represents an image processing tool which can be parametrized.

    • Easy calibration

    VKK has a simple calibration process and with a few clicks, you can set up and calibrate the vision system for accurate measurement. Proper and precise calibration ensures that all products whose dimensions are outside the required tolerance will be detected on time, before they proceed to further assembly steps and cause higher production waste or production standstill.

    • Connect to sensors and actuators

    VKK software can be easily integrated with assembly machines in the production lines thanks to the built in Advantech I/O module. There is also the possibility to connect directly to the PLC.

    • Create inspection statistics

    After acquiring data, VKK software automatically creates a CSV file, giving it a corresponding name and date. Within the file, you will find all attained statistics and information regarding the inspection.

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