This project involved a comprehensive digital transformation of the manufacturing processes at TT Cables. The primary objective was to integrate various hardware, software, and IT components to create a seamless and efficient production environment.

Key areas of focus included:

  1. Hardware and Software Integration: We successfully integrated a variety of systems, ensuring compatibility and optimizing performance across the board. This involved careful selection of components and diligent troubleshooting of connectivity issues.
  2. Process Consulting: We conducted a thorough analysis of the existing manufacturing processes, identifying bottlenecks and areas ripe for automation. This led to significant improvements in workflow efficiency and productivity.
  3. Automated Quality Control: We implemented automated quality control systems, which have greatly improved both efficiency and product quality. These systems have reduced manual error and increased the overall standard of output.
  4. Factory Digitalization: We leveraged the latest trends and technologies in factory digitalization, including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), advanced data acquisition techniques, and robust IT infrastructure.
  5. Siemens PLC: We utilized Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to automate various aspects of the manufacturing process. This has resulted in a more streamlined and effective production line.

This project not only involved the implementation of new technologies but also necessitated a transformation of business processes and corporate culture. We ensured that all stakeholders were on board and understood the benefits of digitalization, leading to a successful and smooth transition.