AbbVie is a global biopharmaceutical company, conducting its business across the world, including the Adriatic Hungary region. Adriatic Hungary region consists of affiliates in Croatia, Slovenia, and Hungary, and local partners and distributors in 6 countries in the region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo).


AbbVie’s global SAP system was not suitable for everyday business activities used at the regional level, so most of the activities were done manually by using Excel sheets and physical documents. Working in this way was difficult and slow, so regional management decided to develop a customized software system that could be used in everyday business activities, particularly for

  • Document management
  • Business process management
  • Procurement process
  • Controlling
  • Contract management

Software required the following features:

  • A single user can only access the data related to their account
  • User Access Level functionality based on the user’s role and/or country
  • Automatic user notification by Email
  • “Lazy approval” functionality
  • SSO functionality 


Successfully developed “AbbVie Document Manager”, a software system with all required features and functionalities. AbbVie employees from the entire region are using Document Manager for their everyday business activities.

Main application window

My responsibilities in the project

In this project, I served as a software consultant with a wide range of responsibilities:

  1. System Design Application, database, process, and workflow design in cooperation with finance, procurement, and IT operations departments.
  2. Software development
    • Desktop, WinForms based application
    • Database – tables, queries, and stored procedures.
    • Testing
  3. Environment & Migration
    • Testing environment development & maintenance
    • Migrating new versions to the production environment
  4. Maintenance & support
    • Production system maintenance
    • User support
  5. Project management
    Coordination of the project activities with all departments involved and testers 

The successful development and implementation of the “AbbVie Document Manager” is a testament to my expertise and experience as a software consultant. The software system is now being used by AbbVie employees across the region for their everyday business activities. This project was a significant accomplishment in my career as a software consultant.