Model.CONNECT is designed to couple different simulation tools and models. This software analyzes models and displays the input and output signals (I/O signals) in the user interface. It serves as a bridge, allowing seamless communication between various simulation tools, and enabling engineers and researchers to integrate and exchange data efficiently.

In the context of AVL’s comprehensive simulation solutions, Model.CONNECT plays a crucial role in connecting different components of the development process. Here are some key points:

  1. Simulation Solutions: AVL’s simulation products empower you to virtualize all functions for various vehicle types, streamlining development processes. These days, vehicles are highly software-defined, and their development and validation are complex. Electrification adds further challenges. Simulation solutions allow you to make critical decisions early in the development process, saving time and reducing costs.
  2. Virtual Twins: The concept of Virtual Twins provides detailed insights into the behavior and interaction of components, systems, and entire vehicles before they physically exist. By creating a virtual image of the vehicle or individual components, AVL enables you to identify problems and potential errors at every stage of development. The Virtual Twin covers mechanics, electrics, software, and physical behavior.
  3. Areas of Acceleration: AVL’s simulation solutions accelerate various areas, including electrification, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving (AD), emissions, vehicle technology, and data intelligence. The Virtual Twin is the key to achieving efficiency and effectiveness in these domains.
  4. Software Offering: AVL provides a tangible package for your development needs, whether you’re an automobile manufacturer, supplier, or a new market player. The software offerings cover vehicle simulation, E-Mobility simulation, automated and connected mobility simulation, ICE simulation, and more.

Example of a vehicle simulation model in Model.CONNECT

My Roles and Responsibilities

As a Global Support Master for Model.CONNECT at AVL, I’ve had the opportunity to wear many hats and contribute to various aspects of the product:

Global Support Coordinator: I managed and coordinated second-level support globally, ensuring that users around the world received timely and effective assistance.

Cross-Department Collaborator: I worked closely with the product development, software development, and software testing departments. This collaboration allowed us to streamline our processes and enhance the quality of Model.CONNECT.

Technical Sales Support: I supported our sales team during conferences and promotions, providing technical insights about Model.CONNECT to potential clients.

Trainer: I created and provided training materials for Model.CONNECT™ software. I also conducted training sessions, ensuring that users could effectively utilize the software.

Simulation Model Creator: I was responsible for creating and validating vehicle simulation models, contributing to the robustness and accuracy of our simulations.

Software Tester: I performed software testing to ensure the quality and reliability of Model.CONNECT.

End-User Support: I provided support to end-users, addressing their queries and issues, and ensuring their satisfaction with Model.CONNECT.

In summary, my role at AVL revolved around enhancing user experience, improving product quality, and driving customer satisfaction. I am passionate about leveraging my skills and experiences to contribute to the success of Model.CONNECT.