Business Process Management System

Complete business process management and document handling solution.

Business process management system (BPMS) is an application that is aimed at streamlining business processes and workflows for them to become more efficient and adapt to ever-changing environments. This allows companies to manage entire process life cycles by defining and maintaining best practices in their processes. As such, BPMS is a valuable tool for developing and improving business processes as it can store all the data and publish them online, giving companies enterprise-wide access to it.

Business process management system automates core business processes from “end to end.” It has the tools and technologies to include human-focused tasks along with machine processing applications to allow a company or organization to flexibly manage its work. Business process management systems also include reporting capabilities for end users and managers to understand the throughput and response times of the business processes.


Application is based on client-server model, where users have client application on their PC with connection to Server.

Server is located on central location (e.g. company Headquarters) and users from all subsidiaries are connected to it.

User access rights level can be customized depending on employee location, department, title, etc. Users can access only those data which are relevant to them.

Application has six main modules:

  • Administrator (Admin module for system setup, access rights management, etc.)
  • Analytics (review of scheduled reports and KPIs, ad-hoc reporting and analysis)
  • Contracts database (Database for signed contracts and templates for most used contract types)
  • Accounting (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Journals, General Ledger, Payroll, and Trial Balance)
  • Invoices (Invoices tracking, Approval flow, Payment status, Archive)
  • User View (each user has access to its specific view with its own tasks and information)

where each has additional submodules.

Depending on user’s access rights level, each user has access do different module(s).

Technologies used:

  • C# and .NET
  • MS SQL Express
  • DevExpress

Various benefits from implementing Business Process Management System:

  • Team and task management:

– improved efficiency through automation of various processes

– better Human Resource utilization

– overview of ongoing activities enables actions based on real-time analytics

– Monitoring the various variables (effort, time spend, resources)

– better transparency: Identifying corrective actions, audit-ready data

  • Cost tracking and analytics:

– Cost reporting per cost type

– Cost reporting per cost origin

– KPI tracking

  • Report generation Cost tracking and analytics:

– Regular reporting and easy-to-create ad-hoc reporting


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9 listopada, 2019

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