About the Project

This project was a part of the comprehensive digital transformation of the manufacturing processes at TT Kabeli. The primary objective was to integrate different hardware, software, and IT components to create a seamless and efficient production environment.

My responsibilities in the project included:

  1. Hardware and Software Integration
    Integration of a variety of systems, ensuring compatibility and optimizing performance across the board. This involved careful selection of components and diligent troubleshooting of connectivity issues.
  2. Process Consulting
    Analysis of the existing manufacturing processes, identifying bottlenecks and areas ripe for automation. This led to significant improvements in workflow efficiency and productivity.
  3. Automated Quality Control
    Solution design of an automated quality control system in low voltage cable production and its integration within MES and digital system.
  4. Siemens PLC: We utilized Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to measure production parameters in certain aspects of the manufacturing process. This has resulted in more effective production planning.

This project not only involved the implementation of new technologies but also necessitated a transformation of business processes. We ensured that all stakeholders were on board and understood the benefits of digitalization, leading to a successful and smooth transition.