The 32nd Karate Grand Prix Croatia was a significant sporting event held in Samobor, Croatia from January 19 to January 21, 2024. The event took place at the City Sports Hall Samobor and had a limited number of entries: 1600. The tournament was a grand success, with Croatian karate representatives Enes Garibović (men) and Sadea Bećirović (ladies) emerging as winners in the open category.

My roles and responsibilities

As a member of the organization team, I was responsible for all digital and IT aspects of the event. My key responsibilities included:

  1. Network Design and Setup
    Design and set up a computer network for 50 PCs and tablets, ensuring seamless connectivity and communication during the event.
  2. Sports Software System Management
    Installation, setup, and management of the Sportdata event technology SaaS. This specialized system is designed for managing sports events, and my role was crucial in ensuring that the software system functioned optimally throughout the event.
  3. System Stability
    Ensuring the stability of the entire IT system, promptly addressing any technical issues that arose, thereby ensuring a smooth and efficient operation of the event.
  4. Technical Support
    Providing technical support to all users, resolving any IT-related issues they encountered, and ensuring a seamless experience for all participants and organizers.

This project was a valuable experience, providing me with the opportunity to apply my technical and management skills in sports event organizations. The successful execution of my responsibilities contributed significantly to the smooth running of the 32nd Karate Grand Prix Croatia.