Real Drive Emission Simulator

The Real Drive Emission (RDE) simulator is a technology showcase built to showcase the features and functionalities of the Model.CONNECT software tool. It is a complex car simulation model that simulates the entire car physics – vehicle dynamics, thermodynamics, powertrain, and environmental elements. The simulation model is exact, showing even how much road conditions and driving style affect fuel consumption and emissions (CO2, NOX..).

The simulator has been realized by using primary AVL tools

  • Model.CONNECT – co-simulation and hardware integration platform
  • CRUISE M – engine and emission exhaust simulation
  • CRUISE – driveline simulation
  • AVL VSM – vehicle dynamics and environment simulation


Additionally, MATLAB Simulink is used for gearbox controller implementation.

Simulation model in Model.CONNECT


The motivation to build this simulator was to make a low-cost office simulator that simulates the entire vehicle and which will enable the Model.CONNECT users to test vehicle behavior (RDE) and vehicle systems (ADAS) in an office environment rather than in expensive test bed simulations.


Due to its low-cost hardware (standard office notebooks) and its mobility the simulator is an excellent technology showcase. Users and customers could see, in a real example, how powerful the Model.CONNECT is with relatively small investment possible to create complex and realistic simulation models.

This RDE simulator has been presented at many fairs, exhibitions, and sales presentations by sales managers to car OEMs around the world. List of the events on which the simulator has been presented:

  • AVL Sales Conference, January 2016, Graz
  • AVL ITS Infoabend – office RDE test systems, March 2016, Graz
  • Job Fair, University of Zagreb, May 2016, Zagreb
  • Hyundai Customer Conference, May 2016, Seoul
  • AVL Customer Conference, June 2016, Seoul
  • AVL AST presentation to Mazda, June 2016, Graz
  • AVL User Conference – RDE systems presentation, September 2016, Changsha, China
  • CAE Conference, October 2016, Parma*
  • Open Door of System Engineering @ AVL & IODP, October 2016, Graz
  • AST Germany Conference, October 2016, Munich*

* electric vehicle model

ITS Infoabend

AVL User Conference, Changsha, China

The simulator is also part of AVL’s official Model.CONNECT training program. Knowledge and experience gained on this project were later used in other AVL projects.

Some of the techniques developed for this project were later used by R&D departments at Chrysler and Bosch, thus in effect extending the Model.CONNECT capabilities.

My role in the project

I was the initiator, creator, and lead engineer of the entire project.