Automated Quality Control Inspection

The E.G.O. Group, based in Oberderdingen, is a global supplier to manufacturers of household appliances. The company offers heating and control devices needed for cooking and baking, washing, drying, and dishwashing.

Some of the E.G.O.’s products are rotary, code and limit switches, and energy regulators.

The Project

Machine vision-based quality control systems have been extensively used in E.G.O.’s assembly production lines. These systems were based on commercial solutions which were good overall, but expensive and difficult to integrate with existing manufacturing hardware. Therefore E.G.O. Croatia decided to develop a new Computer Vision software for automated quality control which is, compared to commercially available products:

  • Designed according to E.G.O.’s specific process needs
  • Simpler to install and use
  • More affordable

The project was realized in cooperation with the Computer Vision team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), University of Zagreb. 


The result of the project is a software called VKK, which over the years evolved into an advanced and comprehensive software tool that can used for almost any task in the assembly production process. VKK is widely used in E.G.O.’s production facilities. Currently, there are 120 VKK installations in production facilities in Croatia, Turkey, and China.


Programming languages: C#, C++, .NET 4.7.1, Visual Studio 2019
Image processing libraries: OpenCV and EmguCV
File types for data import/export and report generation: CSV and XML
Camera type: area scan camera 

My responsibilities in the project

  1. System Design
    • Architecture and features specification
    • Computer vision algorithms
    • UX design
  2. Software development
    • Architecture and feature implementation
    • Image processing algorithms implementation
    • Software testing
  3. Project management Coordination of the project activities with E.G.O.’s project manager and engineers and with the FER team